we love d'avines


made with love

each bottle of d'avines is crafted with love and well-being in mind. high-performing, natural and organic essential oils, extracts and other ingredients are sourced from local farms from various regions of italy. toxic ingredients, including sulfates and parabens, are avoided, meaning your color stays fresh and your hair beautiful, shiny and healthy. a truly affordable luxury.

d'avines packaging is produced with sustainability in mind - carbon-neutral, and essentials packaging is bpa-free, & food-grade reusable.

ESSENTIALS | everyday hair care for all hair types

MORE INSIDE | modern, clean and versatile styling line

NATURALTECH | corrective hair and scalp wash and treatment line

ALCHEMIC | natural-hue, pigmented wash line for color enhancement and protection

OI | rich & creamy, uber-moisturizing, shine-inducing line with roucou oil

YHA | a short line with everything needed to create "the perfect blowout" 

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HTBX haircare | COLORlove

custom color-infused conditioners let vibrant hair hues last longer! we wanted more control over our selection of pigmented hair care products - COLORlove is better for your hair, better for your wallet, and is available in all the hues we want. COLORlove is hand-made in house with d'avines love conditioner (infused with almond oil) and joico direct pigment. COLORlove conditioners leave hair feeling soft, silky and looking vibrant longer. <3 <3