the founders


david bangham

stylist & educator


Born and raised in England, David’s curiosity and love for travel brought him to the United States in 1985. David channels his creativity and passion for visionary art in a medium that brings exciting experiences with many people who have inspired and learnt from him throughout his career.

As a visionary, David has facilitated a multitude of hair shows, seminars, hands-on workshops, team building and training programs across the United States and Central America, as well as developed cut, color and styling curricula for salons, Paul Mitchell the School, and HOTBOX workshop.

Inspired by the energy of the moment, David dedicates his energy to HOTBOX salon, opened in Las Vegas in 2006. David is a sincere and dedicated teacher and hair stylist, believing that the most successful hair stylists are able to adapt their creativity from inspirational visions through discipline and ultimate awareness of their craft.   

David’s style and creativity has also led to work in styling for many corporate and private parties, Las Vegas nightlife events, as well as editorial styling and a feature spot on Inside Fashion TV in 2009. He currently works behind the chair and travels as an educator with Neuma Beauty.

shauna heinicke.png

shauna heinicke

director & designer

From southern California and raised in Las Vegas, Shauna finds her passion in finding the beauty in the cracks of life. 

As an architecture graduate and multi-disciplinary designer she is passionate about creating experiences for people that are fluid, functional and emotional - believing in the power of context (both physical and non-physical), simplicity as a means to create user-friendliness, and the power of sensory design to excite and inspire.

Creating spaces and experiences that give just a little jolt out of the normal humdrum daily experience. Not enough to kill you but enough to keep you feeling alive.

Shauna currently spends her time maintaining the vibe of and brand of HOTBOX salon, seeing to each and every little detail that makes HOTBOX what it is: fun, energetic, passionate, exciting, welcoming & full of love.

Because "if the good lord intended us to walk, he wouldn't have invented roller skates." -W. Wonka